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       We are contractors for stores such as       
       Bijou Brigitte, Gerry Weber, Lego, Mango, Mulberry, New Yorker, Subway.      





Don’t hesitate to contact us

For an energy efficient building with air conditioning, ventilation, heating, plumbing and the required wall hydrants.

+33 3 88 04 55 50


Our technical solutions


AIR BOX INTERNATIONAL only uses reliable solutions for energy efficient commercial buildings, since no business can afford a technical failure. We make sure to not only carry out the perfect installation, but also to create the ideal circumstances for managing and controlling those, in order to guarantee a smooth running of the building itself.

Energy efficiency

Thanks to our certified solutions, we can guarantee a thorough running of the installations, focusing on comfort and sustainability. You will be able to profit from an energy efficient building with low energy costs and therefore play part in safeguarding the environment.


Each building is different.

Each structure with its air conditioning, heating, ventilation and plumbing is complex and requires expert knowledge. Thanks to our detailed, personalised and constant presence during your project we are able to help you as a operator or architect to make the right decisions at the right time.


Our basis for the successful completion of your projects is the accurate planning and the exact conceptualisation of layouts. AIR BOX INTERNATIONAL, as a company makes sure to support and coordinate with the architects and anyone responsible to guarantee smooth running and to create the best possible solutions for your chosen building.


AIR BOX INTERNATIONAL is your reliable partner during the execution of your project regarding the air conditioning, heating, ventilation, plumbing and the required wall hydrants. We pride ourselves to conduct reliable, clean work which follows your schedule. Please do take a look at our references to convince yourself of the quality of our work.


The maintenance of the installed devices, including the wall hydrants requires expert knowledge and years of experience. The regular maintenance of the installed devices in your building guarantees the long lasting operation within the highest efficiency. Your energy costs will be lowered and major reparations will be avoided, since technical problems will be recognised on time and can be fixed.



With our knowledge and decades of experience, AIR BOX International is able to provide services tailored to your business, industry or properties. We will take care of your air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing and the required wall hydrants so you can concentrate on your key business.


Our core skills in the area of air conditioning combined with our reliable service mentality makes us the perfect partner for your project. This includes naturally the areas of heating, ventilation, plumbing and the wall hydrants.


The basis of our long-lasting success is the high demand of quality, the technological skills and the decades of experience. The consistent search for new technology and methods along with the qualification measures are part of our trademark.

"There are no complicated projects, only intelligent solutions."

Didier Haeffner, AIR BOX International



Year of Foundation

Over 500

successful concluded projects

7 Countries




 26 years of experience 

 We have the knowledge and experience you need
 and always act within the interest of the environment. 

 +33 3 88 04 55 50 



Technology and the environment should not be in opposition. We are aware of our responsibility and want to act within reason for the next generations to come. For a better environment!



Our employers are from Germany, France, Switzerland, England, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland. As a multilingual company we take on projects all around Europe, without encountering any language barriers.



New technology and methods in the field fascinate us! Your demands challenge us. We are always on the go to be able to propose the newest and best solutions for your projects. Always respecting and guaranteeing the sustainability of your building.



We know as a contractor for several different employers what is needed to succeed. We not only work for your building, but also for you as a customer, therefore we can praise our consistent focus on your wishes.

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