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Fire prevention for your safety

Complex buildings or rooms within the trade industry with a high flow of customers have to be well equipment in order to be able to guarantee the safety of not only the customers but also the goods.


Therefore should wall hydrants be a part of your security system within your property, since it is the first step to fire prevention. The solidly installed water hydrants are equipped with a installed, rolled hose line. This is not only the most sufficient and safest way for an employee or customer to prevent a fire from spreading, but will also help the fire brigade. These wall hydrants will be installed within accessible areas, such as close to exit doors or staircases. We will not only take care of the safe and secure installations, but will also carry out the maintenance.

"Fire prevention needs to be active and not passive. With us you will get the chance to react actively."

Didier Haeffner, AIR BOX International

AIR BOX International Brandschutz
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AIR BOX International Brandschutz
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