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The best climate for your customers

No matter the weather outside, your customer in your building wants to be able to relax while shopping or spending their time in your property.


Our employers praise our work, since we are able to guarantee an exact temperature in public buildings with a high flow of customers. Not only will you be able to increase their feelgood factor, but you will also be able to take part in sustainability.

The best solutions for energy efficiency


Our systems are primarily based on saving as much as energy as possible. For instance with the method of heat recovery: left over thermal energy is kept completely within the system, since it can be won back with an efficient air operating system. The content of the warm exhaust air is going to be transferred onto the cold fresh air. With this process of preheating one will be able to safeguard a massive amount of energy. During the summer it functions the other way around, since the warm air will be pre cooled.


There are different systems to obtain the right heat recovery for the building in question. If you choose us we will work with you to find the right solutions for your building.

Warm times for savers


You can lower your energy costs with AIR BOX INTERNATIONAL. Big, complex buildings within the use of trade and industry require very modern heating systems, which can be distinguished through its thermal discharge and process heat.


When we use complex heating systems, we keep our focus on the usage of the thermal discharge, so that you can reach the best energy efficiency and saving. We can guarantee 20% to 30% of heating costs to be saved.


Heat as a tool for energy efficiency

Even though we might encounter different requirements, we will always try to find with you as our employer the best energy efficient solutions, such as the usage of the thermal discharge which also includes the hot water extraction.


However, already existing heating systems have potential for energy savings. Several solutions are available, such as through an upgrade or an insolation. Moreover, a yearly maintenance is more than useful for the heating system and the building in question. You will not only be able to save some money but also be able to play a part in safeguarding the environment.

"Energy efficieny is worth it. Sustainability is the best result."

Didier Haeffner, AIR BOX International

AIR BOX International Klima Heizung
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AIR BOX International Klima Heizung
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AIR BOX International Klima Heizung
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AIR BOX International Klima Heizung
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Don’t hesitate to contact us

For an energy efficient building with air conditioning, ventilation, heating, plumbing and the required wall hydrants.

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