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Fresh air for your store

AIR BOX INTERNATIONAL not only plans but also realises professional ventilation technics for big and complex trade buildings, where high flows of customers are on a daily basis.


Our modern ventilation systems provide fresh air at any moment of the day so that your clients can experience your store the best way.


The ideal ventilation or RLT- System guarantees that the circumstances of the aeration will stay the same throughout the day. The application possibilities of the ventilation systems are various and require therefore a detailed technical planning. You can only benefit from our decades of experience regarding this aspect.

Fresh breeze for savers

With the modernisation of your already existing systems, you will be able to reach 20% energy savings. The actual analyses of the condition, such as the age of the ventilation system or the built of the piping network and the additional performance of the ventilation or heating and air conditioning is the basis for the development of the modernisation process.

"You can not only get your fresh air from the outside, but also from AIR BOX INTERNATIONAL."

Didier Haeffner, AIR BOX International

AIR BOX International Lüftung
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AIR BOX International Lüftung
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AIR BOX International Lüftung
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Don’t hesitate to contact us

For an energy efficient building with air conditioning, ventilation, heating, plumbing and the required wall hydrants.

+33 3 88 04 55 50

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